Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things that Make you go AArrgghh!

How do you know when you are blessed? How do you know when your life is a pleasant sailboat ride on a flat river, or a picnic at the beach on a clear day of twenty five degrees with a gentle breeze? How do you know when you have got it good?

The answer: when all you can think to complain about is trivia. Not having anything at all to moan about is unnatural, dare I say inhuman. We were born to find fault and to grumble and to be irritated by little things. It's our nature. Don't deny it. Even if you excel at holding your tongue, you still whinge inside.Admit it. At the risk of overstating my case, complaining is all part of the inbuilt capacity of mankind to recognize and yearn for justice.

Having said all that, I must confess that my life is sweeter than a truck load of American champagne (Coca-Cola). Do you know what caused me to get emotionally disturbed last night? The DVD recorder.

Two thirds of the way through a movie called I Hate Valentine's Day, it froze. We couldn't skip or scan or even stop. We waited for play to resume, then we waited some more. We pressed buttons. Carefully and hopefully at first, then furiously and anxiously. Finally, we switched it off, turned it back on, ejected the disc, cleaned the disc, reinserted the disc and waited. And waited. And waited. At this point I left the room as I was on the precipice of violence. I wanted to hit that damn thing. Our previous DVD player misbehaved often. We were frequently forced to unplug it, then plug it again to get it to work, but this DVD recorder cost six times the amount of money and it isn't old and it's an LG! AArrgghh!

Eventually it resumed playing right where we left off, but how annoying is it when things don't work properly? Never mind the fact that most people in the world don't even know what a DVD recorder is, let alone own one, and the idea of watching a movie for entertainment must be as alien to them as peace is to the residents of Gaza.

I can't go on. I can't believe I'm writing about this but there is another thing. The noise of this DVD recorder. Is it supposed to sound like an air conditioner on high? And why is the volume of DVDs always one third lower than the television. TV volume on 10, DVD volume on 30. Why? Does anyone know? Is there a really good technological reason for it? Like I said, I can't go on. AArrgghh!

What is the most annoying thing?
Towels left on the floor in the bathroom
garbage filled to overflowing
DVD recorder freezing during a movie
fridge door not closing properly
other drivers
missing socks
TV shows you like being taken off air
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