Saturday, April 18, 2009

soul mate...bah humbug!

Perfect compatibility is a myth. It only occurs when one person in a partnership surrenders themselves and their integrity to the other. People who surrender themselves completely to other people commit spiritual and emotional suicide. Individuals are different. Wherever tastes and opinions meet there is either agreement or disagreement. Conflict or peace. The path to either destination lies along the route of choice. We choose compatibility when we opt for tolerance and respect. This road must be a two way street. True love is unconditional. Marriage requires compromise. Most people only compromise when it it is expedient for them to do so. In other words, when it suits them or when they will derive some benefit from it. Let's be realistic about our natures...our humanness. Our capacity for good is matched by our capacity for evil. The difference is circumstance and choice. What does love look like? What does it do? Learn to love. Forget childish Mills & Boon fantasies about soul mates, Mr. and Mrs. Right and the warm and fuzzy in-love feeling which never dies. Live in the real world. Choose tolerance, respect and unconditional love.

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