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Monday, April 24, 2017

T is for Taberah

The second Australian band to feature in this A to Z is Taberah who describe their music as heavy metal played with the spirit of rock and roll. I call it a old school power metal, but whatever label is attached, it's pretty damn good, and unlike 95% of the other featured bands, there is some hope I may get to see them play live. They may not make it to the Top End, but I can hop over to Bris-vegas pretty easily.

Taberah is one of the places mentioned in the Bible through which the Israelites passed during the exodus. That could be irrelevant trivia or the origin of the band's name. Melbourne is a long way from the Middle East.

Formed in 2005, Taberah are Jonathan Barwick (guitar and vocals), Myles 'Flash' Flood (guitar), Tom 'Bam Bam' Brockman (drums) and Dave 'The Doctor' Walsh (bass).

Their latest release is called Sinners Lament (2017). This track is called Child of Storm. and its from the album which has now made it on to my 'want to buy' list.

Speaking of Aussie metal, my next visit to the Hordern Pavilion was again with James and a couple of his mates was on July 24, 2010 to see the awesome Parkway Drive who were supported by The Devil Wears Prada. This time James was in the mosh pit, while his old headbanger dad sat in the stands and loved every minute of it.


  1. Why do you think they feel the need to have the hardcore sounding nicknames? Too fresh faced and cute looking to have heavy cred??

    1. Flash Flood. Come on, that's a perfect name for a rock star. I think Taberah are a 'fun' metal band, compared to some of the others. Check out U post for a perfect example.

  2. Just watched their vid on Youtube. Noisy lot. I wonder what the Israellites would have made of them.

    Another day in Amble Bay!

    1. I think they would not have needed a whole army to shout down the walls of Jericho...Taberah alone would have been sufficient.