Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On to other things

I finally managed to work through the list of publishers to whom I submitted A Muddy Red River, to inform them that I had signed with another publisher.

The tale of the tape: 66 queries submitted. 12 rejections. 46 no replies. 6 joint venture offers. 2 traditional press offers. 1 contract signed with Rogue Phoenix Press.

Now on to the next project, or should I say back to it. I've had a bit of a change of heart and now I know exactly what to do now.

A Muddy Red River

Monday, August 18, 2014

Three days

After a fairy long dry spell, it has now been raining for three days. Technically, today is the third day and it would have to rain all day for it to be true to say, at the end of this day, or perhaps in the evening, that it has been raining for three days. It has also been three days since...since...never mind. Christ was in the grave for three days before rising from the dead. That's an historical fact. I wonder if anything else which has died recently will come back to life. There is always hope.

A Big Ask

I want to have a new cover designed for my debut novel, Devolution, and re release it in India. Why India? Much of the action takes place in Mumbai, and the lead female character is Indian. I've found a publisher over there who will publish it and promote the you know what out of it. Big market there. I reckon it will sell, but I don't have any capital to get it off the ground. I know it's a big ask but would any of my supporters/friends/followers like to invest in Devolution?

Check out Devolution right here

Saturday, August 16, 2014


As previously mentioned I attended a concert on Wednesday night at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre to watch my niece perform. Wakakirri is a national festival that celebrates learning via the creation and sharing of stories. To enter the Wakakirri challenge schools create stories using dance, creative movement, acting, song and film to be performed, screened and displayed to audiences across Australia.

NarraweenaThe show I watched on Wednesday was a part of this festival, but basically it was a glorified school concert. Not to be derogatory, but my expectations of school concerts are fairly low. I expect to be entertained, and for there to be some talented performers, but overall I know it's going to be a bit lame. They are just children after all. There are exceptions of course but generally, one knows what they are going to get at a school concert, and really, attendance is more about providing support and encouragement for the children, especially those to whom you are related.

Macquarie Fields Public School
Nine schools performed on Wednesday night and most of them were quite fun to watch. I couldn't help admire the amount of work that had gone in to the creation of these dance stories: the costumes, props, choreography and music. A few of the performances stood out, but one of them actually made me cry. It was very dramatic and moving. Overall, I was surprised by the quality and I left on a high, before heading to McDonalds for a sundae with my daughter.

Some of the young performers I watched at Wakakirri may go on to careers in the entertainment industry. I wish them well, and I thank them all for entertaining me, especially Macquarie Fields Public School for moving me.

What has been the best 'school concert' you've seen?

Read more about Wakakirri

Friday, August 15, 2014

Missed a day

Who wants to be a fascist about these things? I missed a day. Never mind. I won't be flagellating myself over it. And today I don't really have anything to say. We all have days like these. It may surprise you to learn, or not if you've been following closely, that I have been having a lot "days like these", but I have managed to keep writing something. I'm pushing through the turmoil as best I can, and I won't give up, but I just get sick of it all sometimes. Boo hoo.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

More rejections

I received two more rejections this week. Although rejections are unwelcome and often unpleasant reminders of how hard it can be to find a publisher, I already have one so I don't really care. In case you missed the news, I signed with Rogue Phoenix Press.

preview my forthcoming novel here  A Muddy Red River

I still have 13 more emails to write to publishers from whom I have not heard.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Move Me.

Most of my favourite books and films have entered into my esoteric elite by virtue of having entangled me emotionally. Last night I watched my niece perform, with her school, at Wakakirri. wakakirri Eight other schools shared dance stories with the audience. I'll have more to say about Wakakirri in Sunday's post, but there was one performance in particular which really moved me.

Unlike the others it was an essentially melancholic tale, and it told the story of the impact of war on a typical Australian family. The combination of music, lighting and dance was so powerful it actually made me cry. Whoever wrote and directed that wonderful piece of drama deserves great praise, and I will be writing to the school today to deliver it.