Thursday, April 21, 2016

Run! #atozchallenge

"We all must flee from reality at some point in our lives for it is a monster which easily, and with evident relish, crushes and devours us. Our methods of escape are as varied as the beautiful diversity which characterizes our personhood. Some run away to dark places where the threat of shame forces them to cherish secrecy and fear exposure. Others run to the light and luxuriate in acceptable types of relaxation, pleasuring themselves with permissible pursuits. No matter the condition of the path nor the destination at its inevitable end, we make gods of all for we are fallen people who delight in ignorance and rebellion. Constantly avoiding, or worse deliberately eschewing the true source of peace and happiness for pathetic and often dangerous counterfeits." 
Lovesick prologue

It takes courage to stand, face and fight the enemy when running away is easier. It takes perseverance to run the race of life when quitting is easier. Whether you are running towards something, or running away from something, it is hard. Running hurts. It’s demanding.

I run for my health, and although I’ve been doing it for years, and have managed to maintain a modicum of fitness and keep my weight under control, it is still painful; it isn’t fun. I need discipline to do it, but I have a reason to continue and so I do. In life I persist through pain as well because I want to get to the finish line knowing that I ran hard.

Running in one direction necessarily means running away from another. Some things and some people in our lives will be left behind. Regardless of intentions, and irrespective of other people’s perspectives, sometimes we need to run away. Sometimes, running away is the wisest course of action we can take. Sometimes.

Have you ever chosen to run away? How'd it turn out for you?

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