Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flirting #atozchallenge

"‘Hi,’ she said, extending her hand across the table. ‘I’m Cassy.’ His hand was soft, but his grip embodied self-confidence and respect. Caution and curiousity creased his face.

‘Grant,’ he said, slowly releasing her hand. ‘Nice to meet you.’

‘I bet this happens to you all the time, right?’

‘Only once a week or so, and usually on Tuesdays.’

Grant finally released his mobile phone from his left hand, and laid it on the table. As an afterthought, he flipped it over, face down.

‘I hope I’m not disturbing you.’

‘Oh,’ said Grant, nodding and smirking. ‘You are definitely disturbing me, but I think I’ll cope.’

Cassy could not believe what was happening? The more she thought about it they more frightened she felt. She was like Peter, who having left the boat and walked on the water at Jesus’ behest, suddenly thought about the water, looked down and began to sink. A rising sense of panic began to strangle her, and it must have shown.

‘I’m joking,’ said Grant. ‘You are not bothering me at all. Really. Relax. Happy for the company of a beautiful woman.’"

Lovesick chapter 39

Continuing with the theme of moral ambiguity and lines being drawn in various places, flirting is a topic which always causes debate. When do courteous and pleasant words become more than politeness? Playful banter? Double entendre loaded badinage? Lecherous, criminal conversations. You might think it’s obvious when you are being flirted with, or when you are deliberating flirting as opposed to mere friendly conversation – good for you, if you can distinguish the two – but it is often not that simple.

One smooth talking charmer might be perceived as a sweet mouthed sleaze, or vice-verca. I suppose it depends on intent. Why engage in flirtatious conversations? It’s fun and harmless, isn’t it? So why not? Why not indeed?

I can’t answer the question for you, but I already have for myself, and that’s all that matters.

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