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Friday, April 22, 2016

Sex #atozchallenge

“Her friendship became valuable to him, even as he struggled with the sexual attraction he felt for her. Had he been able to distinguish between the person and the woman, Angus may have suffered less emotional trauma, but he couldn’t. He was needy. Hungry for attention and for sex, and she was impossibly desirable. Unselfconsciously seductive. Worse than his lust affection cocktail for her was that the feeling was mutual. The problem was Afrooz was not willing to go all the way down the road on which they had started driving. She wanted to drive for a little while, then U-turn back to the beginning, park the car and let the engine cool down, before commencing the journey once more.”

Lovesick chapter 1

Sex is an obvious choice, for the letter ‘s’, especially in light of the strong sexual content in Lovesick, but I’m actually experiencing a strange reluctance to talk about it again. However, it’s a big deal, isn’t it? It’s hard to deny the influence and impact of sex throughout human history.

Okay, I’m feeling pretty laid back tonight as I write, so I’m going to attack this topic from a different angle: the procreative angle, as opposed to the recreative angle. I recently heard it referred to as a horizontal recreation in the great Australian film, Gallipoli. Anyway, I digress.

The point is if no intercourse occurred we would not be here. Male/female coupling is required for the propagation of our species. I respect people’s right to choose not to follow this pattern, (both hetero and homosexual couples), but if everyone chose not adhere to the playbook, then where would we be?

Just something to think about, and another possibly vain attempt to stir this pot of controversy. I am unashamedly in favour of traditional procreational sex. How about you?


  1. Unfortunately for the planet, humans are not about to be extinguished for lack of procreation. If we were another species, we would cull us 'for our own good' before Malthus steps in. We need more controlled shrinkage than procreational encouragement, and more understanding of what the the social and psychological uses and implications of sexual activities are than curtailing them to the already-too-fulfilled remit of gene-spreading.

    1. Exactly what I'd expect from you. We have quite different views, but I appreciate your opinion. Over population is often said to be bad because of a lack of resources, but the problem is not a lack of resources, it is an unequal distribution of resources. In a world where some footballers salaries are the same as the GDP of small two thirds world countries, it's a bit hard to justify the position that we can't afford to have so many people. I haven't yet heard a good argument to justify the overpopulation thesis. Earth's resources are abundant and more than sufficient. The problem is too few people have control of those resources.

  2. *raises hand* Traditionalist right here! Lovely picture. Big families like that are worth a smile.

    1. Right on T. My procreating days may be over, but I'm sure looking forward to being a grandad one day, God willing.