Monday, April 13, 2015

Kingly Kids

Of course I am not going to complain about children. Children are wonderful...generally speaking. They are a source of both agony and ecstasy, and everything in between for parents, but I believe that children are our future. (sorry about that: I couldn't help myself.)

There are nearly 4 trillion blogs devoted to children but Square Pegs is not one of them. However, this is a whingefest and we all complain about children. Our own children. Other people's children. Even the cutest of kids can be pretty annoying so they are worthy of inclusion in this themed blogging challenge.

Specifically, I want to complain about kids who act like, and/or are treated like kings. The television channel must be changed to appease the child. A toy must be purchased to meet its demands. A separate meal must be prepared to ensure the child eats. An inconvenient trip to the supermarket is necessary to satisfy its requirements. Detours and pit stops on road trips. White flags to nagging. I could go on.

Children should be taught that they are important but, and it's a big but, they must also learn their place. Children who are treated like royalty grow into brats, and brats terrorise us all. Little brats become big brats, and the world has enough brats already. (Also I have used the word 'brat' enough already.)

Advice to parents: Dads should be kings, mums should be queens and children should be children, and do what they are told.

What is your opinion of children who think the world revolves around them? What of parents who allow their children to rule their lives?

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  1. I am so guilty of many of the things you mention here and yes, my kids have their bratty moments. My only consolation is that (so far) their bad behavior occurs in the home and not at school or their friend's homes. I think part of the problem is that kids change so fast and as parents, we can have a hard time catching up. When my older daughter was an infant and then a toddler, she ate so little, her weight fell below and then off the charts. As a nervous new mom, I would do anything to get a calorie in her mouth. These days, I don't look at the charts, but I haven't given up the habit of making her something different from my dinner if I'm having something I know she won't eat.

    1. I have a 19 year old son and a 17 year old daughter. I know how hard parenting can be.It is in fact the toughest and most important job in the world.Most of us do what we have to, we do our best, to love and care for our children. Sometimes we get it wrong, even when we think we are doing right. That's life. We are not perfect. We do our best. Thanks again for your thoughts, Tamara.

  2. You've spoken for me, thank you very much. Sometimes I forget my place and find myself saying something to a bratty kid or to a parent about a sign that says bratty kids are not supposed to be playing on it. Of course, I don't say "bratty".
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    1. Oh, how many times I've bitten my tongue! The worst thing is parents of brats who think their children are angels, or just typical kids.

  3. Totally, agree with how you feel. No kingly or queenly kids in my home, or in the one I grew up in...or at least, that was the goal.... But I do try to remember how hard it was being a parent (mine are grown and gone). I remember when my kids were little and drove my mom crazy one day. They were being too noisy in her opinion. Personally, I loved that they were happily playing. But do you see the difference there? Children were to be quiet and orderly in the home I was raised. I just wanted my children to be happy and 'free to express' themselves. It's probably something like that today.
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  4. Toughest and most important job in the world: parent