Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Much Maligned Skill

Procrastination is a much maligned skill. Today is Friday and it is my designated writing day. I am engaged in paid employment Monday to Thursday, so Friday is the day I can sit and bang away at the keys on my laptop.

I have a W.I.P. called Lovesick which is 34 chapters old (first draft). It will be my fifth novel. I could have used the last two hours to add to those 34 chapters, but I have found other more important things to do.

Music is an important accompaniment to my writing so firstly I had to find a CD to put on. Whilst at the bookcase I noticed the recently purchased, and as yet unopened box set of Star Trek: The Original series. Very tempting. (I chose to listen to Ixnay on the Hombre by Offspring by the way) A pile of unwashed dishes begged my attention,as did a laundry basket overflowing with dirty clothes. I needed a cup of tea, and there were bills to pay. I love online banking: so convenient. There was a moment of consternation as I noticed a balance transfer to an interest free credit card had not occurred two weeks after I activated the account. This necessitated a phone call to the bank. I had to turn off my music because the 'on hold' music was very loud, and actually pretty good. 

I sent a message to my son asking him to call me, then logged on to Twitter which I haven't done for ages. I always post to Facebook and it automatically feeds to Twitter, but now I have temporarily deactivated my Facebook account so I will tweet directly.

Breakfast seems like ages past, so I've just made myself a cup of tea and grabbed a couple of Double Choc Tim Tams from the fridge. I love Tim Tims. Now, with Lamb of God's Wrath playing on the CD player, I am ready to write, but before I do that I think I'll have another Tim Tam, and wait...I hear the washing machine beeping to tell me the load is finished. I have to go out at 1pm, and I'll need to eat some lunch before I go. Do you see how skillfully I procrastinate?

How do you like to waste time?

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  1. How do I waste time? Well,Mate, I am about as good as you are. I came here to get a head start on my A to Z Blog posts, then decided to see how many people have signed up thus far? 1354, Wow, that a lot.

    Well as long as I am here, I may as well choose some of the blogs I'll need to / want to follow, huh? I am at 823 currently. I started at 831, that means 8 people have dropped off since I joined. It is suggested that you follow those that follow you on the list.

    You're the second one I came to. I didn't care for the first one so I didn't bother leaving a comment. I'll bookmark you and come back in April. Maybe sooner, if I get enough of the content pre-loaded in the next day or two.

    I work Fri-Sun, so I'll have Mon and Tue so do some reading and / or pre-posting, but If I keep doing this, I may not have any content for my blog come April, 1st. So, I'll see you later, Mate.


  2. Good to hear from you Rasheed. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'll come visit you as well.