Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Naughty Boy

On the same day that I finished my friend adding campaign on Goodreads -the one in which I added all the people who had marked Ashmore Grief 'to read' and offered them a free copy in exchange for a review-the admin team at Goodreads sent me an email telling me that I was guilty of spamming and could I please refrain.

That means that some of the people to whom I sent a harmless little request based on the fact that they had indicated they were interested in reading Ashmore Grief, reported me. They dobbed me in. Complained about me. No free copies for them then!

To date a dozen people have accepted a free copy of Ashmore Grief, and I have received one 4 star review already. Was it worth being called a naughty boy? Yes.

Thumbs up to those who accepted. Two thumbs down to those who complained. When have you gotten into a trouble for something which you thought was unjustified?

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