Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Little Things

A conversation with a friend, a few well chosen words sent in an email, a happy song floating in my head, some encouraging words from caring others, and a couple of beers with my dad and my son at the local club last night. These little things cheered me up yesterday, and I feel better this morning. I might even do some writing this afternoon, after work.


  1. Wonderful news, I'm so glad you are feeling happier my precious friend. When we have had a down time, the happy times are all the more appreciated aren't they? I have often thought that without the rotten days, we wouldn't realise how good the good days are, but it doesn't help much when you are having a rotten day. Keep smiling, praying for you as always. xxx

  2. Yes it is great to pick yourself up after a bad day. Having family and friends to help is just what we all need.