Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Make Money Online

Before I begin, I am not going to tell you how to make money on line. I don't have amazing secrets, guaranteed schemes, easy sure fire steps to follow in order to get rich from home, with your computer, using the internet. I brought you here under false pretenses. I'm sorry, and you are free to leave now, if you want to but I would like you to stay. Please stay.

The world wide web must be the most competitive market in the world, ever! Googling "make money on line" will give you 941 search results. All of these sites will promise you ridiculous success with little or no effort. Most of them will charge you for their secrets, tips and advice, and thus make themselves rich while seducing you with promises of potential cyberspace goldmines. Apparently, there are many people in this world who are interested in getting rich quick, and as Jason Robards' character, Frank Buckman, said in the film Parenthood, when defending his youngest son's latest idea to hit the big time, 'What's wrong with getting rich quick? That's the best way to do it!"

Nothing has changed. Why do you think the prizemoney for lotto is so huge? People want to win, so they pay money for the chance to get rich quick. The bigger the jackpot, the more people buy tickets and so the bag of money gets fatter and fatter. Picking a set of numbers and hoping they are selected by a machine is about the same sort of wishful thinking that is applied to internet marketing. I'm sure that some people are making a lot of cash on line, but I reckon there are many more who are not.

My desires are more humble, if that doesn't sound too immodest. I want people to visit my website. To read my blog, to follow my blog, to share it and then to check out the links to my books, and buy them, or just tell other people about them. I am trying to make money, but I am also attempting to escape the obscurity which is the domain of most of the world's writers. I need to attract people to my website so naturally I search on line for how to do this. I won't overwhelm you with my staggering stories of success because I don't have any. What I do have are stories of hours of fruitless web surfing, investigating sites, reading articles, watching videos, choking on jargon (traffic, SEO, syndication, affiliates, backlinks, spinnable whatsihoosits) gagging on false claims of simplicity, and getting frustrated. It's all about marketing, and I suck at selling things. Always have.

This article you are about to finish is just one more pathetic attempt by me to advertise myself and my writing Would you like to buy my book?