Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 A-Z Blogging Challenge: Theme reveal.

"It must be a kind of madness, an insidious disease, a merciless affliction: lovesickness. With the power to distort and manipulate one'e emotions, to exaggerate, to fantasize, to blind one completely to reality, to render perspective inoperable. Lovesickness: the eternal bane of humanity."  excerpt from the prologue to Lovesick.

In support of my forthcoming novel, Lovesick, I'll be blogging on themes from it all the way through the month of April. Lovesick explores the destruction of a marriage from both the man's perspective and the woman's. Honest, hard hitting and disturbing, Lovesick speaks of matters to which everyone can relate; the pain of a broken heart, and the slow desperate crawl along the road to healing.

Topics to include betrayal, flirting and lustance (a new word). I hope you will join me on this twenty six post journey through the dark and light sides of love.