Thursday, July 31, 2014

Publishing update

The latest rejection of A Muddy Red River said that the there was no problem with the quality of the manuscript but they had reservations about its marketability. We'll see about that. Here's the state of play re A Muddy Red River. I have accepted a contract so now it's time to advise all those other publishers who have been nursing the manuscript, or part thereof, in their laps, or on their desks or ignoring it in their inboxes, that A Muddy Red River is no longer available.

Six publishers liked the sample enough to request the full manuscript. Two of those subsequently offered me a publishing contract. I haven't heard from the others yet. I also received 5 joint venture/subsidy publishing offers which I declined although I am considering using one of them to re cover and re release my debut novel, Devolution, into a large, specific market of readers.

10 publishers rejected A Muddy Red River, and I have not heard anything from 47 others to whom I submitted the manuscript. It is to that 47 that I must now direct my correspondence.

Any of you writers have tales of great rejections? Either in number or character? Anything to share. If not, simply share my joy as my fourth novel goes into production.

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