Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chasing Likes

I am not a people pleaser. I do not go out of my way to make people like me. I do not like to attract attention to myself. I do not talk about myself and my interests incessantly and in great detail. I am generally amiable, and I try to keep the peace if one exists, or make it, if necessary. I avoid doing things which might cause people to dislike me, but I only go along with the crowd if doing so does not compromise my integrity. I know these things about myself.

I understand the fickle nature of popularity. I know that popularity does not necessarily equate to quality. I know that much of what is good, even great in this world, in terms of music, art and literature is, and will most likely remain, unknown to the masses.

I understand the limitations of time and human attention spans. I appreciate the fact the people are resistant to authority, and prefer to dwell in the land of moral relativity where life is easier. I know most people use some kind of anasthetic to help them cope with pain and stress. I know that people hide from uncomfortable truths.

This knowledge informs and underpins my writing, and helps me deal with the paradox of my personality. As I writer I crave readers, lots of them. My pursuit of fame, means I chase Likes. I have to talk about myself and my work. I have to push myself "out there" if I want to share what I have to say with as many people as possible. I am still a little discomfited by this kind of activity, but I am hopeful that in time, as my readership grows into the thousands and tens of thousands (modest ambition) I will become, with God's help, more relaxed in the role of self promoter.

When do you behave differently from how you usually would?

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  1. Refreshing honesty. You could always set up google friends so people could join (I would). It's positive confirmation others are listening (even if numbers are small like mine). I don't have time to surf other blogs and do blog hops all the time to gain more followers. (The a-z being the exception). I avoid conflict like the plague and do not look forward to self-promotion in selling a book either, although my blog is in preparation for this. But big dreams require big steps, and if that means stepping out of my comfort zone (gulp), God willing, I'll try at least.

  2. Good on you , Sharon. Thanks for taking the time to comment.