Saturday, April 24, 2010

Accidentally on Purpose

Everyone loves a love story, right? We like to hear stories of how people got together. Of how they first met and how that relationship developed. Stories of how love blossomed in unlikely circumstances or between two people whose worlds have collided. We delight in tales of people falling in love. It's beautiful. It's romantic and it's why romantic comedies are so popular. The bliss of love is the reason Mills and Boon sell squillions of books. But do people really fall in love?

Falling indicates an action which is unplanned and uncontrolled. You can fall off something like a cliff, or off a horse or a bike. You can fall down the stairs or down a hole. But all that sort of falling usually results in some sort of injury and is consequently not something we desire. Even an adventurous young boy doesn't climb a tree and plan to fall out of it. Falling in love is the same as the abovementioned falling activities in that it's likely to result in harm. In us getting hurt. In the case of falling in love, the pain will be from a broken heart.

However, is love really an accident? I don't think so. I reckon that people choose to 'fall in love'. It happens as a result of choices. If we think of love as an ocean, then there are two responses. Some people run and jump in to the water. Other people wade in carefully. Whether cautious or reckless, a choice is still being made.
We choose how we respond and react to people. Love is a choice not an accident. I don't believe that ruins the romance either, and I'm sorry if you do. Love is still beautiful. In fact, it's more valuable and praiseworthy when it is deliberate.


  1. Insightful. I couldn't agree more!

  2. Yeah you got a good point.

  3. YES You choose to love BUT it is important how you live it out or understand what love is.Love is sacrifice ,when you fall in love it requires sacrifice and this can sometimes cause pain(when you land) as it is sometimes difficult to put someone else first.Knowing and choosing that you value someone else and putting them first in your life this is don't literally fall, you fall in with their plans,dreams etc and share your life with them.Jesus took our fall for our sins and he loves us without conditions,Jesus put us first.This is love and we can reflect it to others daily by thinking of others first
    Cheers John Crispin