Wednesday, December 2, 2009

twenty ten not two thousand and ten

Next year is 2010. Twenty ten, not two thousand and ten. Twenty ten. We must get this right. We must commence the second decade of the twenty first century by saying the year correctly. This is upsetting me a lot. Every time I hear someone say two thousand and ten, I feel my blood pressure surge. I am not very far from violence.Seriously.

Think back about a hundred years. In 1909, were people saying that the next year was going to be one thousand nine hundred and ten? No they weren't. They said nineteen ten.

So, next year is twenty ten. That's logical right? Stop saying it the wrong way. You too Prime Minister Rudd. You talked about the twenty twenty summit so why are you saying two thousand and ten. It's wrong. Stop it.

Which is the correct way to say the year 2010?
twenty ten
two thousand and ten
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  1. Thanks, D. A. Cairns! We're so behind the times in the USA. Charles Osgood on "CBS News Sunday Morning" on TV is the only public person who seems willing to go there and actually say "Twenty-oh-nine or Twenty ten"! Happy Twenty Ten!

    Betty in TN

  2. Wondering what you said in 2000? Twenty zero? Hmmmm.... Just a bit of fun, Davo. Hope you get everyone saying it right. We say two thousand ten... sorry. -Monica Petrini